Here’s Why The New Microsoft Store For Windows 11 Is Already Better Than Its Predecessor

Microsoft recently announced the latest edition of Windows, Windows 11. With the latest edition of Windows, the company has brought much-awaited improvements to the app store for Windows. There are UI changes, as well as some speed improvements in the Windows app store, but the most significant improvement is the presence of more apps into the store. As pointed out by The Verge’s Tom Warren, in just the past one week, apps like Zoom, Canva, WinRAR, and more that were missing from the main store have started to appear on the Windows app store, making it more useful than before. The Windows app store also has Microsoft Edge extensions, and all of this during a beta period for Windows 11.

The Microsoft Store is changing to include any traditional desktop apps. Microsoft previously restricted developers to its Universal Windows Apps, begore then allowing some desktop apps that were packaged to use its store for updates. Now, with the new app store, any app can be a part of the store. The new Microsoft Store is essentially a frontend for Windows Package Manager that was launched last year. The package manager has been growing steadily over the past year, and now includes apps like Discord, Google Chrome, Firefox, and more. This means more apps should come to the new Microsoft Store. Mozilla has also hinted previously that Firefox will be available on the Windows Store soon.

Warren also hints that we may even eventually see rival app stores in the Microsoft Store like Steam or the Epic Store. The report also quotes Windows Chief Panos Panay as saying that the company is open to having Steam or the Epic Games Store in the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store also allows developers to keep 100 percent of the revenue from apps if they use alternative payment platforms. However, this doesn’t apply to games. Microsoft earlier this year reduced its cut from 30 percent to 12 percent for games and it will kick in from August 1.

The Microsoft Store, however, has its shortcomings. For example, there are a lot of junk apps, many fake apps, guides, and other crapware still showing up in the search results.