’21 kids murdered in London in 2021 but MPs would be more angry if it was dogs’

Three children have been ­murdered in London in the last week. On Tuesday, two boys aged 15 and 16 were stabbed to death.

Last Thursday Camron Smith, also 16, was killed in a stabbing.

These are horrific statistics that should have politicians, police and authorities tearing their hair out and doing ­everything in their power to bring it to a stop.

But it’s now become so commonplace that children getting murdered – 21 killed in London so far this year – doesn’t even make the front pages and barely registers on the TV news.

I believe there would be more anger from politicians if 21 dogs had been stabbed to death.

This week, three devastated mothers and families now have to deal with the agony of burying their loved ones while the rest of the world moves on.

I’ve heard London being described as a warzone. And for so many young people it is.

In fact statistics show that teenagers would be safer being in the Army than they are on our capital’s streets.

In recent years mercifully only a handful of soldiers have died in action.

Beyond London’s 21 dead teenagers in 2021, scores more will have been attacked.

If this death rate continues, the total could approach the 52 killed by four terrorists during the 7/7 London attacks in 2005.

As a mother of a teenager in the capital, I’m in fear every time my 15-year-old son goes out. I know many parents who won’t let their teens out of the house. How can that be?

London is touted as one of the best cities in the world; we welcome tourists from around the globe, it’s a global centre of business, media and fashion. Yet it’s also a city where children are being killed at an alarming rate.

Poverty, middle-class drug users fuelling the demand for drugs, a culture of gangs – they’ve all been identified as causes. But what are the solutions?

Believe me, communities in London, and other cities across the UK with this problem, want it to stop.

People want to participate in ways of making things better. They are crying out for solutions.

This is a pandemic of young people being violently killed in Britain and the Government and authorities need to be tackling this with the same vigour as they are attacking Covid-19.

It’s not OK that children are being murdered in broad daylight. It’s not OK that children are being buried before they’ve even got their GCSE results. We need solutions and we need them fast.